kevin f.



A simple, lightweight, Vanilla JS, autocomplete library with zero dependencies. Available on NPM. userscript

A userscript for to add a 'Compare Artists' functionality to user profiles. Built with Hyperapp.


A userscript for that aims to improve the overall browsing experience by automatically finding and displaying current and historically lowest prices for games across multiple online stores. Built with Hyperapp.

steam friend night

A web app based on the Steam Web and Storefront API, used to find what multiplayer games you and your friends have in common. Built with Mithril.js, Flask, and PostgreSQL.

markdown page maker

A markdown page generator with flexible text editor for editing and updating pages on the fly. Built with Mithril.js, Marked.js, and Google Firebase.

darksky weather checker

A weather checker app powered by Dark Sky API that shows weekly forecasts & past 30 days for a given location. Built with PHP7, Symfony HttpFoundation, and Mithril.js.


A fuzzy search library for PHP. implements multiple text-search algorithms. Available on Packagist via Composer.


A firefox extension that replaces about:newtab with a minimal, customizable, Markdown-powered webpage that utilizes responsive columns, allowing users to add content without writing HTML.


A game / interactive poem created for a Literary Studies course. Includes a brief essay on its meaning and inspiration.