June 17, 2019

#Brew Candy Review

For my birthday, a very dear friend of mine sent me these Brew Candies. She had requested that I let her know how they are, so I resolved to put together a brief review and summary of my experience eating these beer-inspired candies.

brew candy bag

I love beer. And maybe because of this, I was very skeptical of these candies. Can you truly replicate the nuances of flavor found in beers such as IPAs and stouts? Perhaps if you jampack your candy with an overbearing bitterness reminiscent of hops.

brew candy bag with three pieces of candy

The package includes three flavors:

  • Hoppy IPA
  • Honey Ale
  • Roasty Stout

Being a stout-lover, I chose to leave what I presumed to be the best for last.

brew candy back of bag

Curious (or not) enough, these candies contain no alcohol! Which makes it safe for you to distribute to your underage cousins without legal repercussions. Anyway here are my thoughts on these beer treats.

#Hoppy IPA

brew candy hoppy ipa flavor

What's instantly recognizable from these candies is that they seem to resemble, albeit crudely, the shape of a hop. Or at least... I think it's supposed to be a hop. Either way, it's an admirable feature, and the texture at least adds to the novelty of the packaging.

Onto the taste test!

The Hoppy IPA variant is mildly sweet, but with a sharp hoppy flavor that lingers on the tongue. As you'd imagine, it has a strong bittery aftertaste. Does not taste like a beer per say, but it is recognizable instantly. A taste not too different from other hard candies, surprisingly. Can easily disguise this among other kid-oriented candies. An interesting flavor, but not particularly great. Overall a 6/10.

#Honey Ale

brew candy honey ale flavor

Has the bitterness of a hoppy beer, but distinctively honey flavor that is not overshadowed by the hoppiness. You may be able to hide this among other honey flavored candies and get away with it. Might be a great gateway drug to trick people into liking IPAs even! A subtle sweetness, and none of the biting aftertaste found in the Hoppy IPA flavor. May be one of my more favorite honey-flavored candies I have tried. I give it a 8/10!

#Roasty Stout

brew candy roasty stout flavor

I love stouts, porters, and any kind of coffee-flavored dark beers, so this flavor was right up my alley. This near-perfectly replicates the flavor of a coffee stout in candy form. Easily my favorite of the three flavors, so much that I've probably already eaten most of these from the bag. If you're trying to convince someone who already likes coffee caramels (or similar candies) to try some dark beers, this might be a good stepping stone. I wouldn't mind if Brew Candy made bags full of this stuff. More please. 9/10.


Overall, this was a fun taste test. I've never written reviews for food items (or much anything really), so excuse me if you think this review sucks. I want to give a big thanks to my very thoughtful friend who gave me the opportunity to try these, and I look forward to finishing the rest of the bag. If you'd like to leave a comment, just scroll down and leave one in the non-existent comment box below! Or, you know, just e-mail me at me@kevinfiol.com.